Fortaleza... Paradise On Earth

Did you ever consider buying a house in a sunnier part of the world? If so, you came to the right address. Our site contains a lot of pictures of houses we have for sale. But why should you buy a house in Fortaleza; there are lots of nice cities in the world, right? Take your time. Read the Fortaleza introduction below and you will be convinced Fortaleza is the ideal place on earth!

Brazil has about 165 million habitants divided over 27 states. Ceará is one of these states with well over 8 million people. The capital of Ceará is Fortaleza. Fortaleza, with about 1.8 million people, was founded in the 17th century by the Portuguese and the Dutch. Nowadays, the population of Fortaleza consists of Brazilians; a mixture of native Indians, North- and South Europeans and descendents of the African slaves. This mixture is a guarantee for extrovert, friendly, warm and creative people with a lot "Couleur Locale".

The local cuisine is spicy and divers, with a lot of exotic fruits. Of course Fortaleza has a lot of little shops and outside markets, but there are also a lot of gigantic shopping malls with luxurious shops.
Culturally, Fortaleza offers a wide variety of monuments, like for example the old prison, which is currently used as the Ceará Museum, cathedrals, theatres, and the old cinema located in the São Luis Theatre where many cultural festivals are being held. And let's not forget the famous area of Irecema and Dragao do Mar; here you can find a lot of restaurants and bars, fast food shops, galleries and discotheques, with a lot of live music, Forro (local music and dance) and dancing Brazilians. The most famous local drinks are caipirinha and coconut water, served cold in a coconut! The highlight is the Monday evening in the Pirata Bar; a lot of music with thousands of happy dancing Brazilians.

Fortaleza also has two beautiful beaches; Praia Beira Mar and Praia do Futuro. Praia Beira Mar is a wide, 3 kilometers long beach, directly located at he famous boulevard in the center of Fortaleza. On this boulevard, as well as on the beach, you will find a variety of bars and restaurants. Especially at he end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening you will find an excellent atmosphere in this area. .A lot of Brazilians are walking and jogging on this boulevard. Here you will experience a free and uncomplicated life style. The boulevard of Beira Mar is a real happening and can be compared to the famous Copa Cabana in Rio de Janeiro. According to the Brazilians, Beira Mar is more impressive and has a better atmosphere.

Praia do Futuro is the favorite beach of the people of Fortaleza. The beach is about 6 kilometers long and has a lot of bars and restaurants. Those restaurants are the ideal place to eat fresh fish, lobster and other seafood, and to afterwards dance the night away. Especially in the weekend and Thursday evenings there is a lot of live music.

The level of prices in Brazil is very low (US$1 = R$2,20); food, drinks, taxi's etcetera are very cheap compared to the European and American price levels. Fortaleza is sunny 350 days a year, with an average day temperature of 30 Celsius (85 Fahrenheit). Fortaleza is Brazils most favorite holiday destination. Connoisseurs call it "the holiday hot spot of this millennium" and "a tropical paradise".