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Please contact us by e-mail or telephone if you need any further information about the services we offer on our site. Of course we speak English!

All the houses you find on this site, are meant to give you a clear idea of the possibilities of location, types of houses and the prices of these houses. If the house of your dreams is not on our site, let us know what type of house you are looking for; specify type of house or apartment, number of rooms, square meters, location (center, Beira Mar, Praia do Futuro), a swimming pool or not and of course the price range. We from Fortaleza Houses in return can inform you of the possibilities here in Fortaleza. Then you are just a step away from booking a nice holiday, experiencing the Fortaleza ambience and beautiful climate, and pursuing your dream with Fortaleza Houses!

The same applies if for once you don't want to spent your holiday in a small hotel room, but prefer one of our luxury apartments or (beach) houses. Inform us of the date of arrival and departure, so we can make reservation for the house you wish. The Fortaleza Houses team wishes you a great holiday!

Are you yourself the proud owner of a house or apartment in Fortaleza, which you only use for your holidays? Let the Fortaleza Houses team administrate it for you. This way you'll be able to make back your own holidays!

We cannot imagine that anybody who owns a house in Fortaleza, wishes to sell it. In case we are wrong, and you do wish to sell you house, please contact Fortaleza Houses. Let us know the address from your house or apartment and we will give you an estimate of its present value. Together with you we can then determine the sale strategy.

In case you need any further information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Keep in mind the time difference. In Fortaleza, compared to Europe, it is 3-4 hours more early.


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